The goal of Bread & Salt is to bring together numerous Jewish cultural sites throughout Southern California to explore contemporary, historic and ritual aspects about food through exhibitions, symposium, and creative place-making.

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From farm to table so too from Sinai to our synagogues what we eat and why we eat has impacted our people since the beginning of history.

Jews and food encompasses everything from secular to religious culinary rituals, holidays, kashrut, social justice, biblical sacrifice, cultural identity, and both ancient and modern agricultural practices. In creating a city wide event focused on all aspects of food, Bread & Salt's purpose is to engage our community in this conversation creating fertile ground to explore the current Jewish foodscape, from multiple access points. Whether inspired by color, taste, texture, history, relevance, spirituality, environmentalism, social justice, farming, and locavore or artisanal movements the presenting artists, educators, and topic experts will keep participants salivating for more! 



A consortium of Jewish cultural organizations began meeting in mid-2014 with the goal of sharing mutual interests and building partnership. After several successful exhibition collaborations, it was decided to expand the group and engage in a city-wide experience with a focus on one issue.

Bread & Salt is the result of these gatherings. Each of the stakeholders agreed to adopt and follow guidelines and expectations to be participants in the project.


Project Managers:

The Project Managers (Georgia Freedman-Harvey & Anne Hromadka Greenwald)  facilitated the artist and programmatic selection process to assure quality through each offering presented as part of Bread & Salt.

Both Freedman-Harvey and Hromadka Greenwald have laid the foundation by organizing a cross-institutional committee who met quarterly to develop this exhibition series. Together we identified project goals and created a shared mission. The Project Managers continue to define expectations of partnering organizations and serve to maintain a clear curatorial vision.